Many foreign investors prefer to buy property from Istanbul.
However, investors who find Istanbul expensive or crowded have started to prefer Yalova city in recent years. Yalova has attracted the attention of both local and foreign investors and has become one of the most preferred cities in the Marmara region in recent years.
This city, which is only one and a half hours away from Istanbul, is very close to Marmara Sea and has a magnificent nature. By owning a property in Yalova, you are actually getting a house from Istanbul, and you also get the chance to live with the sea and nature.
In Yalova, it is possible to reach Istanbul by both land and sea. You can go to sea in your house during the day and go to Istanbul to have fun and visit in the evening.
Or after a pleasant time in Istanbul in the daytime, you can come to Yalova in the evening and stay at your own home. To have these opportunities, you need to buy a property in Yalova and a find a reliable real estate agent to buy a house in Yalova. You can choose PropertyTR for safe property investment.


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